My long, over-due card (we find ways)

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What would be the normal scenario if you apply for a new credit card? You will fill up the application form, submit requirements like billing statement, pay slip, certificate of employment, ITR, photocopy of IDs, etc. Then, you will wait for the credit card call center agent to call you for CI purpose and to let you know if it has been approved.


I went onto this process about 5 years ago with a very reputable credit card/bank company. A customer service agent from the bank called me up not later than a week to verify some information. Eventually, my application was approved and they sent me my credit card at my preferred billing address, which is my home. Up to now I’m still using it.


But this normal process did not happen when I applied for a new credit card (of a different bank) last November 2007 in a mall. I cannot really remember the exact date because for me it was a long time ago.


This is what happened. I wanted to have another credit card from a different bank. When I was window shopping in a mall, I was approached by a young gentleman.


He said, “Ma’am, we have a promo right now, we’ll give you a free cool and nice-looking tumbler if you apply for a credit card.” (the credit card is affiliated with the mall where I was shopping that time).  “What’s good about this card is that you will get some rebates if you shop in this mall”, he added. “Oh wow, I like that!”. I said very excited. “You know what, I’m really thinking of applying for a new card and I think this will definitely get approved because I already have a credit card from a another company and I’ve been using it for 4 years now.” I added. By the way, I have no late payment fees, thus I have a good credit standing. The guy also felt excited because he would get his commission, eventually.


And so, I filled up and signed the form. Good thing I always bring my credentials so I was able to pass the form along with the requirements on that same day. The credit card agents were really prepared because they even had a photocopier machine so clients don’t need to look for a photocopier to reproduce their requirements.


I told the agent that I would like to receive my credit card in my home address, not in the office because I work in a call center company so it would be not possible to receive it there because we’re not allowed to just go out when you want it, especially if calls are queuing. And then the agent told me, since the landline that I have is my office number, the credit card should be delivered in the office and I have to call the credit card hotline number so I can change the address to my home address. It’s kinda weird, right. I don’t get it.


But I just ignored it, and then I waited for the credit card customer service agent to call me for investigation purposes or CI, or confirmation or whatever you call it. I waited for a call so I would know if the application was approved or not.


I did not call the hotline number because I misplaced the number that the field agent gave me. Thinking that I would go onto the same application & approval process just like what I had experienced with my current credit card, I just waited. Nobody called me so I assumed that it was denied. I also attempted to apply in a different bank. I texted the agent that facilitated my application but she said I just need to wait for the customer service agent to call me for CI purpose. But same thing, I got no call from them so I assumed that it was denied again.


After all these failed applications, I was thinking that the reason why they were not approved is because I don’t have a landline at home. But then the field agent said it’s okay as long you have a landline in the office. Of course all offices have landline. But I work in a call center company as an inbound technical support agent. I answer phone calls everyday, so it’s impossible to reach me in our office landline. I was thinking that the credit card company’s CI agent would like to speak with me through landline. They did not attempt to call me on my mobile phone, not even once.

After several months of waiting, I gave up. I forgot all about those new credit cards and just focused on my one card and I moved on with my life….. J


Then one day, just 3 days ago, I received a call from a customer service agent of a known insurance company. Our conversation went on like this:


Insurance Agent: “May I speak with Ms. $$$@#! *&^%%^ ?”.


Me: “Yes, speaking.”


Insurance Agent: “Ma’am, I’m from %$^@!#$%$# insurance company and I called you because I have something to offer you, an insurance ek-ek”. We’re actually offering this exclusively for watchamacallit credit card holders. And because you are one of the credit card holders of watchamacallit, I called you up.


Me: “But hey, I don’t have a watchamacallit” credit card!

The bank she mentioned has already tied up with another bank and so she asked me.


Insurance Agent: “Ma’am, what about E&&&&& credit card. Do you have one?”


Me: “Uh-ohh, none. I’m not a credit card holder of either banks you mentioned!”

And then, I remembered my application with this watchamacallit bank last year, and so I told her..


Me: “Actually, I applied for that watchamacallit credit card last year, I think it was December 2007 in a mall, but that credit card company never called me so I assumed my card was not approved.”


Insurance Agent: “Oh, ma’am, did you call the bank’s hotline number?”


Me: “I tried once but I hang up the phone because something happened that time and then I did not try calling again because I was expecting that the bank agent will call me anyway for investigation and confirmation so I just waited. And because I did not receive anything, after a while I forgot all about that credit card application, until today that you called me, so I’m really surprised to know that I’m in their list of credit card holders and yet I don’t have their credit card and they did not inform me if I have been approved or not.”

Really weird…..


Me: “Are you sure you got my number from that bank?”


Insurance Agent: “Yes, Ma’am. The bank gave me your number. Ma’am I advise you call their hotline number to make things clear.”


Me: “Ok, thanks for calling, I will just call the bank later”.


She gave me the number but I was not able to scribble it because I was on the road when she called. Very funny, because I’m not good in memorization, I forgot the number she gave me so when I dialed it from a payphone I got “Number unavailable.”


On the same day, or should I say that night, I went to my office to work. I’m on graveyard shift since April. Good thing their hotline is open 24×7 so I had the chance to call them.


A customer service agent of that bank answered. I told her my story. The agent confirmed that my credit card was indeed approved last November 2007. She was about to confirm my delivery address, we’re almost done but the line got cut off.  Huhu…


So I dialed again. This time the agent was a not-so-very-nice guy. Let’s just say he’s just doing his job with no empathy whatsoever. According to their records, they attempted to deliver my card 3 times since November 2007 and the deliveries were all not successful and the courier who handled the shipment did not report the reason why the delivery failed. The last attempt made was Feb 2008. It was “delivered” to my office address. Oh, come on, really? But how come they did not inform me about it? Had they called me, I should have informed the guard on duty to approach me in our training room so I can receive the delivery.  I remember, I was on training the whole month of February until April and I was on morning shift on the said period. But before that, I was on morning shift also, but then I was taking calls so it’s also not possible for the guard to bother me while I’m on duty.


But if the bank agent had only informed me about it, I should have requested to deliver it to my house. The agent guy told me that their bank process is fully automated. And so? Is that the reason why they never had the chance to give me a call and inform me that my card is about to be delivered or has been already delivered with no success because I was not there to receive it??


Poor service, right? What kind of service is that? What’s worst is this. I asked the agent to change the delivery and billing address to my home because I’m at home the whole day and I work on night shift. “Okay, ma’am, we can do that but you have to write a letter of request and fax it to us, attach a proof of billing.”


HUWATTTT??? Come ‘on. Should I really have to fax it? But why? I already called you to change it, can’t you not change it right now while we’re on the phone??? Cause it’s a big hassle to fax a letter cause I don’t have a fax machine in our department and I cannot go to the back office department to fax a non-business matter!


You have already asked me all my pertinent and security questions so why not change it NOW??? This is me, the client! But he said, he cannot do that and he’s only following their policy. I was really upset and angry!


Well, the hell with your policy then! I told him that in my current credit card from a different bank, clients don’t need to fax a letter just to change the address and other contact information. They can request it via phone to make life easier. I believe all clients would agree on that policy, right? That’s why they have this motto: “Let’s get it done”.


Going back to the agent: he’s not the owner of the company so he cannot do anything about it. He said, since the call is recorded, the management will be able to listen to my complaints. Well, I hope his QA (Quality Assurance agent) will monitor this call…


I told him their service and policy is very, very poor. To think, I already submitted my credit card billing statement, which is addressed to my home when I applied for a credit card last year, so it should already be in their record so I can’t totally comprehend the need to fax a letter of request to change my f@@@@@@ address.


I asked if I can email it. It would be easier because I have an electronic credit card billing statement (in PDF format). He said yes but fax is preferred.


I did email my request and attach my billing statement. Then, I called the next day to check if they have received my email. I entered my TIN in their automated system, then I was able to talk to a new agent.

Me: “Hi, I emailed a request to change my delivery and billing address. Just checking if you have already received it.”



Agent: “Can I have your credit card number?”


Me: “I haven’t received my credit card yet that’s why I emailed a request to change the delivery to my home address because I cannot receive it in my office.”


Agent: “Oh, so this is a newly approved credit card?”.


Me: “Actually, it’s not new anymore because it was approved last November 2007, 7 months ago. But I’ve learned that it was approved just recently.” And I summarized my story.


Agent: “Okay. Can I just get your full name”. She also asked my mother’s full maiden name and my birthday. The same questions that her colleagues asked me when I called before.


Unfortunately, it’s not on their database yet. She said they usually encounter a problem if the request is sent thru email so she advised to fax it instead. And I did. I faxed it yesterday. I paid 20php per page. So I paid 40php in total – I sacrificed 1 kilo of rice…


Tonight, I called the watchamacallit bank again but since it’s week-end — Friday night, few customer agents worked. Maybe they hanged out with friends or they did not go to work because they feel it’s unlucky on a Friday the 13th. I waited several minutes and gave up. Maybe I will try to call tomorrow morning at dawn. I’ll find a way, we find ways… 



  1. nanie said,

    I thought that this is a never-ending story!
    I’m planning to apply for a credit card and hopefully would not end up the same way as yours.

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  4. mmeyzz said,

    suuuuppper long! superstix?! 🙂

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  6. sherliez said,

    Well, that bank from the very famous mall in metro manila has a really terrible customer service hotline….. maybe you can try to cancel your account with them….there are other reputable credit cards out there with superb customer service….


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