At last, my long, overdue card has arrived

July 19, 2008 at 3:57 am (life style) (, )

Well, good news! My overdue card arrived the other day, after making a lot of calls to the card’s customer service. The last person I’ve talked to maybe 1 to 2 weeks ago told me that my concern will be escalated to a higher department. I requested to be transferred to their escalation department but she said the procedure is through email only. She said she will email that said department and set it to high priority. Oh really, wow! (buti naman naisip nya yun) Good thing there is a customer service agent who knows how to do this. So I think there is still hope on this bank’s customer service… Since I already have their card, I might as well use it…



  1. nanie said,

    Well, that’s a very good news 🙂
    Pa-ride sa card mo.. hihihi

    Kala ko di ka na magpo-post sa overdue mong blog.. hahahaha

  2. sherliez said,

    o pano yan meron ka na bagong pangswipe…. hehehe

    keyword: cheeseburger



  3. ezekiel said,

    ano kayang bank yan? ambagal ng service e..

  4. klengish said,

    the bank with this line: “we find ways..” thanks for visiting my site. 🙂

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