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Hi! This is my first ever post.

Yesterday and the othery day I watched some movies of Drew Barrymore with my family. She’s my favorite. One of my fave movies of hers is “50 First Dates”.

This movie is so cute and entertaining and will make you fall in love… Adam Sandler here was very, madly inlove with a girl (Lucy, played by Drew), which had a terrible accident. She had a short-term memory loss — what she can only remember were the dates before the accident happened, and she could no longer retain any new information after going to sleep. Everyday, she thinks it’s her father’s bday (Sunday, which was the day of the accident), and she would wear the same clothes (pink blouse and pants); she would eat breakfast in her favorite resto, which was ran by her mother’s bestfriend. The next day, she could no longer remember what she did yesterday. So everyday is a new day for her.

Adam Sandler made a lot of tricks so he can win the girl of her dreams. He made her fall in love with him everyday. He videotaped the important events in Drew’s life.. then later he also recorded events happened in their lives as a couple. He would put the video tape on a table beside their bed so when Drew wakes up it would be the first thing that she would notice, so she would watch it. That’s the only time where she would realize a lot of things already happened and today is not her father’s bday anymore but rather a new and exciting chapter of her life. And so she moved forward. They got married in the end and had a daughter. She woke up really amazed that she already have a kid.



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